April 26, 2012


Want A Workout That’s More Than A Choreographed Routine?

Share the cost of a personal trainer when you work out with friends or colleagues. Each of you gets a personalized plan, yet you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of working out together. Call Fraser for details on the “3 people + 3 fitness plans = 1/3 the cost of a personal trainer” program. Plus, partners: share the cost of one trainer and get an individualised workout.

What’s Your Definition Of ‘Greatness’? Personal Training Toronto

Trinity Personal Training Toronto gives you the tools to make sustainable, realistic, lasting lifestyle changes. You’ll receive nutritional counselling, compassionate encouragement and health advice one-on-one. Trinity trainers bring all the equipment you’ll need to your office, condo or home.

Private Training—Even In The Smallest Spaces.
Create your lean, healthy body and vibrant spirit in the private comfort of any sized room.
Guaranteed Safe, Effective Workouts.
Whatever your medical history or challenges, Trinity personal trainers are university educated about the human body. See Who’s Training You?
Cross-Training, Mindful Snacking, Reduce Back Pain, Top 10 Ways To Tone Your Core…
Fraser’s Blog shares the latest fitness intelligence from Trinity’s Founder