April 26, 2012


Fraser Whatford, Founder

My Personal Trainer Toronto

Fraser’s client list has grown consistently through word of mouth referrals. Since 2001 he’s worked as a personal trainer in London and Toronto. Now, with Trinity Health and Fitness, he’s assembled a team of fitness trainers and health experts who embody his distinctive, holistic approach to fitness training. Fraser studied kinesiology and holds degrees in psychology and theology.

How To Make Sustainable Changes to Your Health:

To achieve lasting results, Trinity helps you make practical changes each day. Fraser and his team tackle obesity with an understanding of the psychology behind over-eating. From dietary planning to exercise regime, Trinity knows it’s best to be realistic, and to go slowly when you want long-term, sustainable results.

“We help you make slight but meaningful changes so you realize the results you desire and never thought were possible.”

Supporting You Off The Mat

By making a personal connection, Trinity helps you stick to your commitment, so you see achieve your definition of “greatness”. Between sessions, your personal trainer is always accessible and encouraging. Expect follow-up phone calls that keep you on track, a trainer who cares about how you’re doing, and free advice about things like cross-training and mindful snacking.

Don’t Let Money Be Your Excuse!

With Trinity Health and Fitness you can share a personal trainer for individualised workouts: 3 people + 3 fitness plans = 1/3 the cost! Ask Fraser about how to snap up this amazing offer.