April 26, 2012


Office, Condo or Home: Trinity Personal Trainers Travel To You.

Exercise in privacy and never fight traffic, find parking or wait in lines to use gym equipment. There’s no need to buy or store gear—everything you need is supplied. Each 60-minute session is tailored to your goals and challenges—even if you’re taking advantage of our 3 for 1 deal. Trinity incorporates all areas of fitness training, from core strength to stability to aerobic conditioning, muscle building and toning. So you reduce body fat and boost your health.

Nutritional Counselling For Healthy—Realistic—Eating Habits.

Are there some foods you can’t live without? Trinity personal training clients receive nutritional counselling realistic to your lifestyle. So you get the full benefit of each workout without feeling like you’ve just joined the military. Trinity consults with other health professionals to take into account your health history. Of course even 3 for 1 clients get individualised meal plans.

Educated, Team Approach: Reduce High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Anxiety, and Injuries.

You deserve a safer, more effective workout that’s more than a “one size fits all” prefab routine. Trinity’s biomedical knowledge means we’re clear on when to refer our clients to other practitioners, so you can trust us with your health.

You Have A Fitness Goal—Meet Your Deadline

Need help with rapid weight loss? Take advantage of Trinity’s set programs where “3 people get 3 fitness plans for 1/3 the price of a personal trainer.” Hey, Brides-to-be: prepare for the big day with your two best friends and get a personal trainer at 1/3 of the cost.